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COLT Anal Trainer Kit

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Date Posted: 16 October 2016  

We open our huge FLESHLIGHT Zone! Naughty Boy Australia are so very proud to launch our new FLESHLIGHT zone right here at our online male sex toy super site! Fleshlight are by far the world’s greatest selling & well known range of male sex toys, and we are so very lucky to be now stocking the complete range for your pulsating pleasure! It all started with the Fleshlight Pink Lady Original, from where the Fleshlight range has now gone on to boast close to 200 different products! Be sure to check out our amazing Fleshlight Zone , right there on our TOP MENU!

Date Posted: 10 October 2016  

Let's Talk About Prostate Massagers Anyone familiar with sticking things up their butt can tell you that it feels good, it’s fun and you can end up having one of the best, most mind-numbing orgasms imaginable. It’s time to stop associating “butt stuff” as something un-enjoyable and taboo and it’s time to start putting things in your butt. The prostate is a walnut-sized gland located between your bladder and penis, it’s filled with a whole bunch of nerve endings, making it super sensitive and when it gets stimulated, you have a higher chance of experiencing a stronger, longer lasting orgasm. The more the prostate is stimulated, the better the orgasm. If you’re new to anal play but terrified of going straight into straddling a 16-inch double-ended dildo, a prostate mass

Date Posted: 1 October 2016  

Discover the wonders of romance with Kama Sutra Let’s face it. Most guys are not so much with the romance, in fact many of us could think of nothing more boring, however in the quest to spice up your love making, attract a new partner or keep the love alive with your current one, it does pay to get a little lovely every now and then. Of course, there is no denying that Naughty Boy is the home of the most epic range of male sex toys in Australia (with sex toys both for straight boys, gay boys and trans boys!) but did you also know w

Date Posted: 15 September 2016  

Strokers - More than your average Male Sex Toys! Masturbation is one of the best things a person can do. It’s free, it feels great, it doesn’t hurt anyone and you can do it practically whenever you like – just as long as you aren’t breaking any laws. Masturbation in its simplest form is great – hand to dick, skin on skin – but there are times when a little extra “oomph” can take a great time to an awesome time and these toys are the perfect introduction to making that leap. The Tenga Original Vacuum Cup is a great stroker to begin yo