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Date Posted: 19 April 2016  

Penthouse Male Sex Toys Are Here! Here at Naughty Boy, we are so very proud to announce that we are the newest stockists of the official PENTHOUSE male sex toy collection! For many young men, Penthouse woman are the pinnacle of sensuality & animal attraction. With hearts racing & hands wandering, stories of “alone time” with a copy of Penthouse have been told for centuries! Now you can take a sultry Penthouse lady home with you tonight, thanks to Naughty Boy! Discover the pleasure only an experienced woman can give you as you slide inside your most desired adult star. Feel every inch enveloped by the impressive life-like cyber-skin texture, until you simply can take no more! For the ultimate in satisfaction, pair your pleasure

Date Posted: 22 January 2016  

Vulcan Male Sex Toys Land At Naughty Boy Australia! The erotic world of men’s sex toys just keeps exploding, and when you find yourself experiencing the ultimate pleasure of a Vulcan male masturbator, you will too! Designed from the ground up to be the ultimate in male sexual release, the premium Vulcan sex toy range features 18 perfectly crafted pleasure cups, each individually designed to bring your love wand maximum pleasure.

Date Posted: 18 January 2016  

3 New Male Sex Toys Launch! Introducing The Tight Grip Range! Just when we thought the dust had settled on Pipedream ’s masturbator onslaught, the adult powerhouse has launched another amazing range of male sex toys.. with everything you need to get the job done!

Date Posted: 1 December 2015  

Naughty Boy welcomes 3 amazing new male masturbators! Introducing the MEGA-BATOR Auto Masturbator Range – by Pipedream Products

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Date Posted: 29 November 2015  

Blewit Male Masturbator lands at Naughty Boy Australia! The NBA offices were dizzy with excitement in anticipation of the new BLEWIT male masturbator product! Finally, it has landed today in a whirlwind of suction power!! The Blewit is unlike any male masturbator you already know or use, as it’s unique octagonal design makes it a true pleasure to use & hold in either hand! Blewit is a patented product that was designed to perfectly simulate intercourse and enhance a user’s overall sexual health. The twisted octagon shape creates an ergonomic fit for both left and right handed users and hands of all sizes, and the skinsoft sleeve is multitextured for

Date Posted: 26 October 2015  

Buying Male Sex Toys Online – What is a Masturbator? It has been said that men think about sex every six seconds. As a male myself, I tend to agree. For teenage boys, the urges that arrive during puberty are hard to control (as many guys would remember!) Constant boners, thoughts of humping pretty much anything, and the good old wet dreams (that is if there is any sperm left in there after your nightly “3 orgasm” masturbation session). The funny thing is, after puberty, the urges continue. Long, long, long into adulthood! As any close mate how often that wank, and they are sure to tell you “everyday” if not more! (morning & night sessions seem to be a thing.” So, with the incredible urges men need to tame, it only makes sense that the male sex toy market has exploded in recent years (Ha! You see what I did there?). Once u

Penthouse needs no introduction! The company’s commitment to the celebration of the female form knows no bounds. With years of premium heritage, the name is synonymous with class, style & raw sensuality. Naughty Boy are honoured to be official stockists of the Penthouse range of male sex toys! Select your superstar lover tonight & experience the true pleasure that only a genuine Penthouse girl can give you!