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Anal Training Kits are for those who are a little nervous about exploring their nether regions or are unsure how much they can “take” once the mood strikes them. These kits are characterized by offering more than one sized toy, so the user can progressively increase the length / width of insertion as their confidence and enjoyment grows. Used as a male sex toy or female sex toy, these kits ensure exploring your own love canal is always pleasure and never pain!

COLT Anal Trainer Kit

COLT Anal Trainer Kit

$31.50 was $55.95

Advanced Anal Explorer Kit
Anal Fantasy Anal Adventure Kit
Anal Fantasy Deluxe Fantasy Kit
Calexotics Anal Trainer Kit
Renegade Sliders Kit Black
Rider Butt Plug 3 Pack
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Date Posted: 25 January 2016  

The first time I ever tried a male sex toy! To be honest, as a gay man, in life, there is certain expectations bestowed upon you. Your deep love of Madonna & Lady GaGa, the ability to colour coordinate your best friends entire life (your best friend is always a girl! Duh!) and your god given ability to insert anything and everything up your bum with ease! I used to think I was failing at pretty much all of these things! Trying an anal sex toy was never something I had even thought about before, mostly because every time a penis like object approached my boy hole, I freaked out and started some strange hyperventilation techniques. But this got me thinking.. “well, at some point, someone may like to have sex with you, and they might want to put their penis in your bum”. So there I was, scared to death, all of 21, and really think