Buy Fleshlight TURBO Online In AustraliaFleshlight are a global force in the adult industry, known for producing a range of male sex toys primarily dedicated to enhancing male masturbation. However, Fleshlight also makes a variety of women’s sex toys along with accessories that enhance solo or couple play. With over 7 million units sold since their beginning, Fleshlight has cemented themselves as a prominent manufacturer of masturbation sex toys in the adult industry! Naughty Boy are proud to be an offical supplier of genuine Fleshlight products in Australia! Fleshlight & Naughty Boy warns of several sites offering "fakes" online. By genuine! By Fleshlight right here at NBA!

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Date Posted: 26 October 2015  

Buying Male Sex Toys Online – What is a Masturbator? It has been said that men think about sex every six seconds. As a male myself, I tend to agree. For teenage boys, the urges that arrive during puberty are hard to control (as many guys would remember!) Constant boners, thoughts of humping pretty much anything, and the good old wet dreams (that is if there is any sperm left in there after your nightly “3 orgasm” masturbation session). The funny thing is, after puberty, the urges continue. Long, long, long into adulthood! As any close mate how often that wank, and they are sure to tell you “everyday” if not more! (morning & night sessions seem to be a thing.” So, with the incredible urges men need to tame, it only makes sense that the male sex toy market has exploded in recent years (Ha! You see what I did there?). Once u