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Now you really can experience oral sex on demand with the Oro Simulator, which recreates the grip and suction of the real thing.


This sensual toy is composed of a mouth-like polymer sleeve sheath, a dome, tube, and hand-pump to get the suction going.


With gentle nubs designed to stimulate you, you can control the level of suction with the hand pump and let this tool.


Suck away to your heart's content. For an even more heavenly experience, you can add a drop of lubricant to get the real feeling of a mouth and lips surrounding you as you use this toy, controlling the suction to just the right level.


It's also possible to control the positioning of the sheath and the pace of the action, making this simulator customizable for the ultimate in oral simulation action. Close your eyes and relax as you allow the Oro Simulator to do all the work, transporting you to a state of bliss.

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