Hard Plastic Kegel Balls

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Benwa balls are an ancient Chinese sex toy that has taken hold in most parts of the world for sexual fun.

The Duo Balls Hard Plastic Box set will give you the pleasures you seek.

There are two balls in this set made from hard plastic.

You insert the balls deep into your vagina to seat them.
A cord comes down so you can pull them out once the night is done.

The two balls will begin to move with every motion you make.

It will get your natural juices pumping at extra high speed.

The Duo Balls Hard Plastic Box offers you the pleasure you seek.

You, or your partner, can seat these balls deep into your vagina.

As you begin exploring each other's bodies, the balls will move about.

That will trigger deep passions.

Take the first step and begin to explore.

They are easy to clean and will last for a long time.

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