Date Posted: 30 May 2017 

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Here at Naughty Boy, we often get asked about all things back door related. While our fabulous gay fans know the true pleasures of anal stimulation, our straight boys are sometimes a little more timid. We totally get it!

Straight Boys – Anal Fun does not make you gay!

It’s a shame that in this modern day world, many straight men often worry that having an anal fantasy may make them gay. Of course, with a little logic we discover that this is 100% incorrect. When separating the “physical pleasure” from “attraction to men”, it’s obvious that there is no connection with anal fun & identifying as a homosexual male. (but even if it did make you gay.. who cares right!?) .. Ok, now that’s cleared up – let’s get into ti!

First Timers – Go SLOW!

Many men often fear two things when it comes to anal exploration

  1. Pain
  2. A shit storm (literally)

Anal exploration is a fun & exciting time for any newbie, but the most important thing to remember is to be mentally relaxed and ready for the situation! Deep breaths are encouraged, and so is a little solo lovin’ before trying to impress your partner with your new tricks!

Does it hurt?

The first time something slides “the other way” into your love hole, the sensation is very strange and unknown. While there will be a little pain, this is something that should not be 100% ignored. Resist the urge to “shove it in there” or any gym thoughts of “no pain no gain”. Go slow with a very small toy to get started. Watching your favourite porn while rocking back and forward on an anal prob has been the delicate start to many an anal adventure

To help things get started, we recommend selecting one of our Anal Comfort Solutions

What about the mess?

With a balanced diet, many men are surprised to know that there is little to no mess that is created when playing with the anus. The “product” is usually stored much further up the canal and rarely you will find that you’ve created any sort of “shit storm”

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