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Anal Douches & Enemas help to relieve the stress and worry of anal play by cleansing the anal passage of any fecal matter before your session begins. Contrary to popular belief, cases of extreme soiling are very rare during anal penetration, however many people feel much more confident knowing that there is no chance of any “mishaps”. These products are best used with warm water in a relaxed environment. Avoid harsh soap or chemicals, as this will increase the chances of skin irritation. 

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Clean Stream / Cleanstream is a range of products designed to cleanse the anal cavity before the excitement of anal sex can begin. Those who are anal sex pros, know that a deep clean can save embarrassment & pesky cleanup as your session becomes harder and more intense. While not a problem usually, many people feel the need for an inner clean before exploring their love canal. With over 20 pieces in this anal douche / enema collection, when you think clean, think... clean stream!