Sold Out Chasm Stainless Steel Cum-Thru  Urethral Insert
Sold Out Armor Chastity Cage with Removable Urethral Insert
Sold Out Cadence Extreme 12.5 in. Vibrating Silicone Urethral Sound
Sold Out Condemned Penetration Cage with Anal Urethral Insertion
Sold Out Cum Plug Urethral Sounding Kit
Sold Out Dark Rod Vibrating Beaded Silicone Sound
Sold Out Dark Rods 3 Piece Silicone Penis Plug Set
Sold Out Deluxe Cleaver Urethral Spreader CBT Chastity Cage
Sold Out Dick Screw Sound
Sold Out Gates of Hell Stainless Steel Adjustable Cum Through Sound Cage
Sold Out Invasion Silicone Urethral Sound Trainer Set
Sold Out Mystim Pubic Enemy No 1 Enhancement Set Conductive Urethral Probe & Shaft Patch for Pubic Enemy No 1
Sold Out Mystim Thin Finn Urethral Sound
Sold Out Mystim Tickleberry Finn
Sold Out MystimProper Finn
Sold Out Piss Play 7" Urethral Sound
Sold Out Power Exchange Medium Vibrating Sound
Sold Out Power Exchange XL Vibrating Sound
Sold Out Shock Therapy Electro Sound
Sold Out Sinner Gear Unbendable Beaded Solid Metal Dilator with Pull Ring Metal 11 cm (4.25'') Urethral Dilator
Sold Out Sounding Plug Set
Sold Out The Mortal Coil Sound
Sold Out Ultra Sound 5" Urethral Sound
Sold Out Ultra Sound 5" Urethral Sound
Sold Out Urethral Sounding Dilator Set
Sold Out Urethral Vibrating Sound
Sold Out Vibrating Urethral Pin