Massage Lotions are wonderful products designed to promote beautiful and romantic moments with your special someone (usually before the sexy time begins. Let’s be honest!) Naughty Boy has a beautiful range of only the most premium massage lotions & creams designed to set the mood for a blissful night in! If you’re new to massage lotions, be sure to browse the large variety of starter kits designed to let you sample pure heaven in a bottle. 

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Date Posted: 6 October 2015  

Naughty Boy welcomes Durex 2in1 Massage Gels! With their brightly coloured designed & bottle designs that make most people weak at the knees, the amazing range of Durex 2in1 massage gels has landed at Naughty Boy! Each gel has its own unique properties, making it a must to collect them all! Get the party started with the sensual 2in1 before switching it up a gear by experimenting with the stimulating gel! When the fun is over, experience a refreshing massage with the Durex 2in1 Aloe Vera blend. These beautiful products should be a part of every bedside table, for the ultimate in relaxation and erotic pleasure. Collect the entire set at Naughty Boy today by purchasing our exclusive 3 pack bundle kit ! Click the links below fo