Date Posted: 26 April 2016 

New Wicked Lubes fly in!

Today is a magical day, as we announce we’ve drastically expanded our powerful range of WICKED sensual care products! At Naughty Boy we are always on the lookout for the best male sex toys, best female toys & most impressive gay sex toys.. however, we also spend a lot of time testing and trying all sorts of premium intimate lubricants!

It is with great pleasure that we announce our wicked lubricants range has now reached over 30 different products in this exquisite premium collection! With both water based & silicone varieties (and several flavoured versions!) there is truly something for everyone.

Wicked Masturbation Cream is one product that truly has to be “felt” to be believed! Being oil based, it only takes a tiny amount to get your motor running. Simply squeeze a little onto your finger-tip & massage into your love wand.
-    First you will feel the tender slipperiness you expect from a general lubricant
-    Then as your monster awakens, the heat will slowly turn the formula into a richer texture, the slipperiness will turn into a “glide”
-    The “glide” factor is what will drive you to the brink! Luckily, this feeling will last for a very, very long time with no need to apply more!
The Wicked Masturbation Cream (“Crème”) has quickly gone on to become an NBA TOP SELLER thanks to it’s power to get the job done (multiple times, if you wish!)

Wicked Jelle Anal Lube is one of the finest formulas we’ve ever had the pleasure of (er..) experiencing. Even with ample girth knocking firmly on the back door (we should be so lucky!) you will not be disappointed with the slip of the beautifully crafted Jelle.
-    Most importantly, this water based formula does NOT include desensitizing agents. If it hurts.. Stop! (and apply more Jelle ;-)
Wicked Aqua is simply divine and definitely adds a touch of class to physical love. Enriched with Aloe & Vitamin E, you’ll have to double check to realise this is NOT silicone lube!

Here at Naughty Boy, we truly do try to love most products, but there is something so wonderful about the new range of WICKED products, that we are truly memorized. 

Be sure to check out the complete collection here.


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