Massagers & Wands are politically correct ways of referring to the most powerful vibrators on the planet! Sure, many people use them to provide relief from the daily grind on their neck, back or other family friendly areas, however the true power of these beauties is in their high RPM, insane vibration technology! With such throttle at your disposal, it’s no wonder many of these massagers slowly gravitate down town (where they stay for a long, long time.) Picking up on the underground usage of their products, many brands now offer a variety of attachments designed specifically to enhance male or female masturbation. For the most powerful earthshattering vibration of your life, be sure to select a 240v model, but please! Do not take it in the bath!

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Date Posted: 14 April 2016  

Naughty Boy Launches the 17" Wanachi Mega Massager! Home to Australia’s largest range of Male Sex Toys, Naughty Boy is no stranger to super-sized products, but to see the Wanachi 17” massager is a truly unique experience! When the world is too much, and you need an earthshattering massage, p