Semen Style Lube is designed to mimic natures love nectar & provide you with the ultimate in “personal” lubrication. These lubes will enhance your most erotic fantasies & help you climax like never before. Franky, you’ll like you you already have! Semem Style lubes are the perfect addition to the hugely popular Squirting Dongs also available at Naughty Boy Australia.

Cum Lube 100ml
Sold Out SPUNK Hybrid Cum Lube 118ml
Sold Out Cum Load Cum Style Lube 236 ml
Sold Out Jizz Cum Scented Anal Numbing Lube 224ml
Sold Out Jizz Cum Style Lube 236ml
Sold Out Jizz Scented Lube 250ml
Sold Out King Cock Jizzle Juice 59ml
Sold Out Phantom Cum Lube 240ml
Sold Out Seaman Cum Scented Premium Lube 236ml
Sold Out Snake Oil Cum Lube 260ml
Sold Out Snake Oil Cum Lube 68ml
Sold Out SPUNK Pink Water Based 236ml
Sold Out SPUNK Silicone Cum Lube 118ml
Sold Out Squirt It  Joy Juice 118ml
Sold Out Squirtz Cum Lube Unscented 185ml