Perfect Fit were founded in 2011 and quickly becoming a driving force in the adult novelty industry, Perfect Fit Brand is an designer and manufacturer that offers unique cutting edge products which are distinctive and unconventional. They take design seriously and create ground breaking innovations for men, women, and couples.

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Date Posted: 8 December 2015  

Jock Armour Hits Naughty Boy! Here at Naughty Boy, we are so very proud to offer some of the best male sex toys in Australia! Today, we are excited to release the highly anticipated Jock Armour, from those sexy fellas over at Perfect Fit . Jock Armour is a new type of Male Sex toy as it doesn’t really fit into any particular category! Part Jockstrap & part Cock Ring, the Jock Armour is designed to make your package swell with power, while entertaining your sporty fantasy with it’s Jock Strap Type h