Date Posted: 14 April 2016 


Naughty Boy Launches the 17" Wanachi Mega Massager!

Home to Australia’s largest range of Male Sex Toys, Naughty Boy is no stranger to super-sized products, but to see the Wanachi 17” massager is a truly unique experience! When the world is too much, and you need an earthshattering massage, powered by the supreme magnitude only 240v can deliver, your life will be complete with the 17” MEGA Massager by Pipedream Products.

Whoever said size doesn't matter never tried the incredible Wanachi Mega Massager! At nearly 43 cm tall with a huge 11.4 cm head, this bedside bad boy packs plenty of pulsating power!

With 10 patterns of super-powerful pulsations to choose from, this mega massager delivers strong, soothing vibrations where you want them most.
One to share with your lady, she’ll be screaming for you to massage her with your new 17” wand!

Shop the entire Wanachi Range HERE!


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