Wanachi is a truly exciting range of massagers that are designed to take the woes out of the daily grind. For men & woman around Australia, there is nothing more relaxing than a soothing massage, and the Wanachi range does not disappoint! However, if your thoughts turn a little naughty (and we hope they do!) the Wanachi range also provides mind blowing vibration to your most sensitive spot! (hint: It’s not your neck.) Pick a wireless model for the ultimate in portable pleasure, or feel the earth move by plugging in to 240v power! 

Mini Mini Wanachi
Mini Wanachi - Blue
Sold Out Maxi Wanachi Black
Sold Out Micro Wanachi Massager Black
Sold Out Mini Wanachi - Black
Sold Out Mini Wanachi - Purple
Sold Out Mini Wanachi Head Attachments
Sold Out Wanachi 17" Mega Massager (Black)
Sold Out Wanachi Body Recharger Black

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Date Posted: 14 April 2016  

Naughty Boy Launches the 17" Wanachi Mega Massager! Home to Australia’s largest range of Male Sex Toys, Naughty Boy is no stranger to super-sized products, but to see the Wanachi 17” massager is a truly unique experience! When the world is too much, and you need an earthshattering massage, p