Date Posted: 7 January 2017 

All About Us - Your Male Sex Toys Super Store!

These days, men who are looking to purchase male pleasure products for themselves and those they love usually pay a visit to Naughty Boy! However, if this is your first time to our super store – fear not!

We get lots of questions from first timers.. and we want to make sure you’re completely comfortable buying your sexy goodies online from us!

Rather than reading a whole bunch of boring text.. why not just watch this video hey!?

Grab the popcorn.. and enjoy!


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You're smacking it out of the ball park!

16 January 2017
Guys, it must be said, your store is amazing, your customer service is top notch & now it looks like you're really flexing your creative muscle here. For the longest time I thought only women and perves purchased sex toys, but my shopping with Naughty Boy has been so wonderful, it's seriously like i'm just shopping on ebay or something - but MUCH better in terms of site layout and function. I've been a customer for 3 years now and every time I come back to the site it's better. Well done on a wonderful place for guys to come and just feel normal. Keep it up.

best again

10 January 2017
Yes I agree my delivery right on time well done but and their always a but postage is a big killer on top of your order regards Bill

100% Always Happy.

10 January 2017
Hey All. I'm happy to say 18-24 months ago I was a new customer of Naughty Boy, as with all new purchase's from unknown sites before I was cautious at first. But I'm very happy to say ever since that first purchase I've been a pretty steady customer. As a completely filthy minded Sex Pig over twelve years of experimentation and gradually smaller to now xxl toys has seen me purchasing from Naughty Boy as the drop in Quality and selection in our now very poorly stocked Brisbane adult shops I guarantee you will be happy with very quick shipping, it's always discrete and best of all as a tight ass( in the sence of saving money I always shop around alot online and you will find these guys to be bang on and very competitive with prices. Seldom can I find a toy cheaper anywhere else and frankly on most toys you will save a good $30 plus on general smaller toys compared to local shops, but once getting up to the awesome bigger boy toys and the great Dr Jonston Bomb Shell range you will be saving at least $50-60 campared to local toy store. It's always great to know there is a reliable source for fresh leather cleaning products . Keep up the incredible work as in this time and age working busy often stressful lives everyone needs a vice and what's better than having a toy to assist with masturbation or bet yet the amazing feel of your inner/outter anus slowly stretch. Believe me we need more relaxed well trained people out there so but up and size up. Gradually gaining on girth and depth. Enjoy A++ online store.

The Best

9 January 2017
I have to say guys, you are the best. There is never a problem with my orders and very quick deliveries. Well done to you all at Naughty Boy. Great prices as well. I will be definitely making more orders in the future.

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