Date Posted: 17 February 2017 

Buy Fleshlight Male Sex Toys Online In Australia

Of course you NEED A Fleshlight! But which one? Behold! The answer is here!

This guide was contributed by Xander from Gay In The Middle – a blog designed to help gay men overcome their doubts and fears of sex toys and to embrace what gets them off.

A butthole, a vulva and a mouth walk into a bar. I tried to make this a joke but gave up after 45 minutes. Instead I figured I’d introduce you to the range of Fleshlight products Naughty Boy has for sale.

For those unfamiliar with the iconic Fleshlight, it’s a masturbatory device designed to aid penis owners in their masturbation endeavours. The name “Fleshlight” comes from the flesh-like material used in the inner sleeve and the over-sized flashlight looking shell that houses the sleeve. Naughty Boy currently stocks the following Fleshlight products.

  • Fleshlight GOshorter and lighter in comparison to the original range. Comes with vulva and butt orifices and in the style of pink flesh and ice (clear). Marketed as a Fleshlight that can be used while on the go, the inner textures are WILD. The texture of the pink flesh style is called “Surge” and is basically an explosion of tiny bumps and ridges. The texture of the ice is called “Torque” and features a range of bumps and ridges spaced further a part than the “Surge”. Both masturbators are 8 inches in length with an insertible length of 6 inches, they do have an amount of stretch though so don’t be put off if you think you might be too big or too thick.
  • Fleshlight FlightEven shorter than the Fleshlight GO, the Flight comes in two different styles – Pilot (black) and Instructor (white). Both styles feature cases very different to any other Fleshlight product. Sleek, compact and discreet are the defining features of the Flight cases. The inner sleeves of both are clear in colour and the orifice is gender neutral, making either style perfect for anyone with a penis to enjoy these pair of masturbators. Both masturbators are 8 inches in length with an insertible length of 6 inches, they also have an amount of stretch so don’t be put off if you think you might be too big or too thick.
  • Fleshlight QuickshotAvailable in 3 different styles. The Quickshot range is unique in that they are open-ended masturbators. Perfect for solo play and spicing up couples play, the different styles are.

Vantage: clear and features a texture filled with bumps that form a sort of spiral.

Boost: a grey, gunmetal colour that features larger bumps that are uniformly layered.

Brent Corrigan style: features similar bumps to the Vantage but each opening is molded on the porn stars mouth and butt.

Besides the varied range of Fleshlight products Naught Boy stocks, we also stock both the Fleshlight Girls and Fleshjack Boys ranges.

  • Fleshlight Girlsfeatures professional stars such as Asa Akira, Stoya, Christy Mack and many others. Each come in the style of mouth, vulva and butt all molded from the stars themselves. Their inner textures vary with multiple combination that are sure to drive any guy who is attracted to the ladies, absolutely bonkers.
  • Fleshjack Boysfeatures professional stars such as Brent Corrigan, Austin Wilde, Cody Cummings and many more. Each sleeve is molded directly from the stars’ mouths and butts with the textures of “Swallow” and “Squeeze” respectively. The Fleshjack Boys range also features a range of dildos molded straight from the source so if you’ve ever dreamt of riding your favourite porn star, now is the time to pick up one of these 100% silicone bad boys.

Besides selling conventional products to slip your best mate inside, Fleshlight also sells other lesser-known products that are equally awesome.

  • Fleshlight Freaksfeatures dildos and masturbators inspired by freaky, supernatural creatures. Alien, Cyborg, Drac, Frankenstein and Zombie were all released as Halloween inspired products but have managed to fit comfortably into any respected sex toy collection.
  • Sex In A Can – is a range designed as a way to hide your Fleshlight inconspicuously. Anyone familiar with alcohol will be able to pick the obvious fakes with names like “Lady Lager”, “O’Doyle’s Stout”, “Succu Dry” and “Sukit Draft” but the fun is still there. The textures are each unique in their own right and each “can” makes for a wonder of a time.
  • Mr. Limpy – is a range of “packers” designed for trans men to wear in order to enhance their outer look. This range comes in a variety of skin tones and sizes, each with their own look that will suit anyone searching for that extra extension of their personality.

Fleshlight also sells a range of accessories that includes

Vstroker Virtual Sex USB Adapterscrew it into the end of your stroker and sign up to the exclusive virtual porn website that Fleshlight offers to get of with your favourite stars.

Fleshlight Shower Mountslide into place, mount onto the wall, slip your best mate inside and you’re ready for hands free action in the shower.

Fleshlight LaunchPADlock your iPad into place and get to work while you fantasize about your favourite star working your tool.

Fleshlight PhoneSTRAP – strap it up, lock your phone into place and take advantage of this lightweight setup that lets you fantasize about any and all of the stars of your dreams.

Fleshlight USB Sleeve Warmer – for those days when you just don’t want to feel like you’re slipping your best mate into an ice cold hole. Plug it in, slip your Fleshlight on top and after 30 seconds, you’re about to slip into a hole that feels almost like the real thing.

Also be sure to check out the range of water-based Fleshlube and Toy Renewal Powder, both are ESSENTIAL to get the best out of your products.

So, now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about the wonderful world of Fleshlight’s, I implore you to pick one up today. You won’t regret and your best mate will indeed thank you.


This guide was contributed by Xander from Gay In The Middle – a blog designed to help gay men overcome their doubts and fears of sex toys and to embrace what gets them off.

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