Lubricants are designed to make sex more pleasurable, slippery & satisfying! No matter what type of sex you’re having (sex with your lady, sex with your man or even sex with yourself!!) Lubes are a staple of nearly every sexually active person’s top drawer! Here at Naughty Boy, we have literally thousands of lubricants to help with every type of sex you’re interested in! Lubes for conventional penetration, anal sex, masturbation & even deep penetration (including fisting), we have a lube to match your mood! Even oral sex lovers cannot escape the power of a good lube, with dozens of flavours now available (all fit for human consumption!) When using anal sex toys for men or vaginal toys for women, a good lube and toy cleaner is essential for ongoing fun!

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Date Posted: 22 May 2016  

Wicked CRÈME Is Designed To Thrill! Since its launch here at Naughty Boy Australia, the premium WICKED CRÈME male masturbation lubricant has gone on to achieve legendary status! This ultra-smooth, rich formula is designed to enhance your pleasure session by providing you with an unrivalled level of glide. Best used to replace your usual stroking lubricant of choice, this product has been specifically designed for the sole purpose of male masturbation (using your hand!) The most amaz

Date Posted: 26 April 2016  

New Wicked Lubes fly in! Today is a magical day, as we announce we’ve drastically expanded our powerful range of WICKED sensual care products! At Naughty Boy we are always on the lookout for the best male sex toys, best female toys & most impressive gay sex toys.. however, we also spend a lot of time testing and trying all sorts of premium intimate lubricants! It is with great pleasure that we announce our wicked lubricants range has now reached over 30 different products in this exquisite premium collection! With both water based & silicone varieties (and several flavoured versions!) there is truly something for everyone. Wicked Masturbation Cream is one product that truly has

Date Posted: 10 October 2015  

Tenga Play Gel Lands at Naughty Boy Australia! It is with absolute pleasure that Naughty Boy can finally announce the arrival of the Tenga Play Gel range! Tenga are a Japanese powerhouse in the adult world, known for their beautiful

Date Posted: 6 October 2015  

Naughty Boy welcomes Durex 2in1 Massage Gels! With their brightly coloured designed & bottle designs that make most people weak at the knees, the amazing range of Durex 2in1 massage gels has landed at Naughty Boy! Each gel has its own unique properties, making it a must to collect them all! Get the party started with the sensual 2in1 before switching it up a gear by experimenting with the stimulating gel! When the fun is over, experience a refreshing massage with the Durex 2in1 Aloe Vera blend. These beautiful products should be a part of every bedside table, for the ultimate in relaxation and erotic pleasure. Collect the entire set at Naughty Boy today by purchasing our exclusive 3 pack bundle kit ! Click the links below fo

Date Posted: 16 May 2015  

It is with absolute pleasure that Naughty Boy Australia can finally announce that we are the newest authorized reseller of the WICKED sensual care collection! If you are looking for a premium & long lasting range of lubricants, designed for the ultimate in sexual satisfaction, look no further! The Wicked range can be divided easily into these easy to remember sub categories: Wicked Aqua Collection Wicked Ultra Collection Wicked Sensations Collection W

Date Posted: 25 October 2014  

Gun Oil is our most popular line of lubricant for men! Loved for it's long life & non tacky lubrication, it was no wonder that many Australian stores ran out - but now we are BACK! The complete Gun Oil range is now available again at Naughty Boy Australia! Buy Gun Oil online in Australia NOW Following a return from Kuwait, U.S. Marine platoon leader and founder of GUN OIL recalled soldiers using CLP liquid, that keeps firearms and other weapons clean and firing accurately, as a perfect personal lubricant when relief, better known as masturbation, was necessary to relieve stress. Knowing of CLP's long lasting properties, the founder greatly improved on this concept by changing the ingredients to a hypoallergenic, topically safe, user-friendly formula, ideally suited for heightening sexual pleasure when used for intercourse or personal use. Working