Masturbation Lubricants are designed to enhance your personal play time, by giving an outstanding alternative to shampoo, conditioner, Vaseline, spit (or worse. nothing it all. Ouch!) For many men, masturbation is a daily routine that cannot be missed. Masturbation lubricant is designed to help you get the job done, without creating a slippery mess. Designed to be thicker than average lubes, the range of options available here at Naughty Boy will not disappoint! If you’ve never tried self-pleasure without the aid of a proper masturbation lube, you need to try this stuff now!

4M Endurance Cream 120g
Sold Out AdamMale Silicone Pumping Cream 188ml
Sold Out Beat It Out Masturbation Gel 237ml
Sold Out Rub It Out Masturbation Cream 237ml
Sold Out Wicked Male Lube Bundle

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Date Posted: 22 May 2016  

Wicked CRÈME Is Designed To Thrill! Since its launch here at Naughty Boy Australia, the premium WICKED CRÈME male masturbation lubricant has gone on to achieve legendary status! This ultra-smooth, rich formula is designed to enhance your pleasure session by providing you with an unrivalled level of glide. Best used to replace your usual stroking lubricant of choice, this product has been specifically designed for the sole purpose of male masturbation (using your hand!) The most amaz