7.5" Handsome Up Penis Enlarger

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The Handsome Up Penis Enlarger is one of the most popular penis pumps on the market. It is a very effective pump that is able to assist guys in enlarging their penis, while also pumping more blood into their penis - which has the effect of enhancing orgasms.

The Handsome Up Penis Enlarger is also credited on many forums as being able to help men with an impotence issue, and keeping the penis harder for longer during sexual play. The large 17cm cylinder fits over the penis, and the pump is attached to the end, the sleeve fits snugly over the base of the penis shaft creating a tight seal and vacuum.

Using the hand pump the air is gradually sucked from the cylinder engorging the penis with blood and making it 'grow'. The cylinder has measuring device on the side so you can keep track of the size your penis grows to. You penis has never been in more capable hands than with the Handsome Up Penis Enlarger.

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