Vulcanite Anal Douche

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Make sure you’re always ready for some real fun with the CalExotics Vulcanite Anal Douche™, our high-quality, affordable, unisex anal douche.


It comes complete with the traditionally shaped rubber bulb, and two attachments.

The rubber bulb holds up you 7.5 Fl./oz./220 ml, that’s enough water to ensure you’ll be having fun in an instant.

This unique anal sex cleaning system comes with two different sized attachments.

The smaller attachment allows for quick, discreet application, andthe larger of the attachments offers the same level of douching, whilealso affording the user a certain degree of pleasure during use, allowing you to prepare yourself for any fun you have planned.

You can be assured that you will be clean and ready to go at a minute’s notice when using the Calexotics™ Vulcanite Anal Douche™.

You will never be caught short again with this easy to assemble anal douche system.

Whenever the need may arise, you will be fully prepared and ready to go. Don’t allow the threat of mess, or the worry of uncleanliness, to be a burden that spoils your fun – with the Vulcanite Anal Douche™ these concerns are a thing of the past – you aresure you feel fun, clean, and sexy with this adult toy.

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