Date Posted: 22 May 2016 

Buy Wicked Masturbation Cream - Creme online in Australia

Wicked CRÈME Is Designed To Thrill!

Since its launch here at Naughty Boy Australia, the premium WICKED CRÈME male masturbation lubricant has gone on to achieve legendary status!

This ultra-smooth, rich formula is designed to enhance your pleasure session by providing you with an unrivalled level of glide. Best used to replace your usual stroking lubricant of choice, this product has been specifically designed for the sole purpose of male masturbation (using your hand!)

The most amazing thing about Wicked Crème is the tiny amount you’ll need to produce the desired result! If you’re into long sessions with your iPad or Laptop, you’ll no doubt know the horrible feeling that a poor quality water based lube can produce (that tacky, sticky feeling… of course, applying more lube only makes the problem worse!)

Wicked CRÈME is oil based, meaning a tiny amount can literally last for hours. Try a small amount first as you find your rhythm and top up only in very small amounts to keep the fun going all night long.

Being oil based, CRÈME works best with traditional skin to skin contact and is not suitable for use with most sex toys.

There is absolutely no excuse for not having a bottle of CRÈME inside your top draw (bedside or computer desk!), as this product will truly change your life!

Do yourself a huge favour and experience Wicked CRÈME tonight!


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