Date Posted: 1 December 2015 

Buy the Pipedream Extreme Mega-bator male sex toy now!

Naughty Boy welcomes 3 amazing new male masturbators!

Introducing the MEGA-BATOR Auto Masturbator Range – by Pipedream Products

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Today is a very special day here at the NBA head office, as we are so very proud to be launching the MEGA-BATOR range of products by those sexy folk at Pipedream.

Over the years, we have had several requests from gentlemen asking for a true “hands free” orgasmic experience. And why not? Today’s modern man is so busy, sometimes even thrusting his manhood is too tiresome to get the job done.

Enter the MEGA-BATOR! These amazing products take all the work out of self-pleasure, as they thrust & stimulate your ample shaft until you release the earthshattering orgasm you have been craving all day.

USB chargeable, waterproof & ready for any of your iThings to be mounted on to the device, you will instantly fall in love with your Mega-Bator!

Discover these wonderful products today by clicking the links below


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Lets go!

7 December 2015
Have tried the "Tenga"but not a good way to go.This looks the goods.

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