Date Posted: 26 October 2015 

Buying Male Sex Toys Online – What is a Masturbator?

It has been said that men think about sex every six seconds. As a male myself, I tend to agree. For teenage boys, the urges that arrive during puberty are hard to control (as many guys would remember!) Constant boners, thoughts of humping pretty much anything, and the good old wet dreams (that is if there is any sperm left in there after your nightly “3 orgasm” masturbation session). The funny thing is, after puberty, the urges continue. Long, long, long into adulthood! As any close mate how often that wank, and they are sure to tell you “everyday” if not more! (morning & night sessions seem to be a thing.”

So, with the incredible urges men need to tame, it only makes sense that the male sex toy market has exploded in recent years (Ha! You see what I did there?). Once upon a time, sex toys (well. vibrators) were seen only for women. Boy has everything surely changed! Sex toys for men are here, growing and causing many an earthshattering orgasm globally! So with that being said, let’s explore the common male sex toy categories! (of course, all available for purchase in Australia right here at Naughty Boy’s only adult shop!)


Ok, we’ve all heard about Fleshlight. The brand that started it all. But Male sex toys have progressed much further than these huge beasts! Anyone who has ever been lucky enough to slide into the warm love hole of a good fleshy will know.. after the fun is over, and your boy juice is splattered deep inside the fleshlight… you, well you have to clean it. And, this is the usual problem with the traditional “fleshlight” male masturbator… nobody wants to hose that shit out.

Enter the Tenga range. In recent years, the Tenga cup range (with cool names like Air-Tech & Deep Throat) have caused an uproar in the male sex toy industry, by giving all the pleasure of a full fledged Fleshlight, but in a more compact (and pretty much disposable) design! After you’ve pumped a few loads into it, most guys just throw them out and buy a new one (they are cheap!) Tenga have also capitalised on this “disposable sex toy” concept by introducing the Tenga egg, essentially a very stretchy piece of rubber that you stretch over you love wand until the inevitable explosion is buried deep inside. When you’re done, you very much thrown this one in the bin! (not down the toilet boys! Sheesh!)

With the success of Fleshlight & Tenga Male masturbators, there has been (of course) the launch of several “me too” brands! Each of these brands do pretty much the same thing, allowing you a tight love canal to slide your pleasure stick into.  At Naughty Boy Australia, Fleshlight, Tenga, Joy Lite & several other male masturbation sex toys are available to purchase online in our secure adult store.

Do yourself a favour and take a look at the huge range of Cock Toys available now. Inside this section, you will find hundreds of masturbators, designed to make your hand seem so low tech!

Until next time, stay safe, healthy and most of all.. Naughty!


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