Date Posted: 26 October 2015 

Buying Male Sex Toys Online – What is a Masturbator?

It's been suggested that men think about sex every six seconds, a notion I, being male myself, tend to agree with. Ah, the teenage years, when puberty hits like a tidal wave and controlling those urges feels like an impossible feat (as many guys can attest!). Constant erections, fantasies about anything and everything, and those memorable wet dreams (assuming there's any sperm left after nightly "3 orgasm" sessions). The amusing part? Even after puberty, the urges persist. Well into adulthood, in fact! Ask any close mate how often they indulge, and they're likely to admit to a daily routine, if not more (morning and night sessions seem to be quite popular).

With such intense urges to manage, it's no surprise that the male sex toy market has exploded in recent years (see what I did there?). Once upon a time, sex toys—vibrators, to be precise—were solely associated with women. My, how times have changed! Male sex toys have emerged, grown, and are delivering earth-shattering orgasms worldwide! So, let's delve into the various categories of male sex toys (all conveniently available for purchase in Australia at Naughty Boy's adult shop!).


Sure, we've all heard of Fleshlight—the brand that kicked it all off. But male sex toys have evolved far beyond those hefty contraptions! Anyone who's had the pleasure of slipping into a well-crafted Fleshlight knows the post-fun cleanup struggle—nobody wants to deal with that mess.

Enter the Tenga range. In recent years, their cup series (with catchy names like Air-Tech and Deep Throat) has revolutionized the male sex toy scene, offering all the pleasure of a Fleshlight but in a more compact (and practically disposable) design! After a few uses, most guys just toss them out and grab a new one (they're affordable!). Tenga has also introduced the "disposable sex toy" concept with the Tenga egg—a super stretchy piece of rubber you slide over your joystick until the inevitable climax. Once you're done, it's straight into the bin (not down the toilet, guys—sheesh!).

With the success of Fleshlight and Tenga, several "me too" brands have followed suit, offering similar experiences—providing a tight love tunnel for your pleasure stick. At Naughty Boy Australia, you can find Fleshlight, Tenga, Joy Lite, and various other male masturbation sex toys available for secure online purchase.

Do yourself a favor and explore the vast range of Cock Toys available now. This section boasts hundreds of masturbators, making your hand feel downright archaic!

Until next time, stay safe, healthy, and, most importantly... naughty!


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