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Our specially formulated synthetic leather cleaner excels on every level!
The synthetic leather remains supple, stretchy and soft even after numerous washes. Just like the first time.

Fall in love with your synthetic leather clothing all over again after every wash.

Your favourite style, which of course must meet your requirements every day, is now more durable and longer lasting with beGLOSS!
beGLOSS Special Wash washes away the sins of every party. It removes any odour, no matter how intense your night was.

Ignite your passion for synthetic leather every day!

The special care detergent for artificial leather & accessories. The care cleaner and odour remover for synthetic leather clothing / accessories.

This washing lotion hygienically cleans. It completely removes sweat, fat, oil and skin residues. It protects the sensitive synthetic leather material (inner fabric & synthetic leather coating).

The detergent gently penetrates the fabric during the wash cycle and immediately neutralizes sweat & odours. After drying, your faux leather clothing feels like new and is shiny & odourless.

BeGLOSS Special Wash synthetic leather brings the synthetic leather coating to a perfect shine while maintaining it.

beGLOSS Special Wash synthetic leather is perfect for removing unpleasant smells.

The express special cleaning process only takes a few minutes for the protection and durability of synthetic leather clothing. Also ideal for on the go.

Due to the high-quality disc top closure, with economical outlet, the beGLOSS SPECIAL WASH synthetic leather can be easily measured.

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