Greygasms is a premium fetish brand for those who enjoy a little soft bondage in the bedroom. With over 20 pieces in this expertly crafted collection, you can live out your 50 shades dreams in the privacy of your own home. Several products have expertly crafted erotic descriptions to put you & your love slave in the mood. 

You will be bound, my sweet. With satin sashes, silver ties, ropes and cuffs. I will use these blindfolds and masquerade masks to keep you in supreme suspense while I drip wax down your body with my sensual massage candle. I will ask you to use numerous Kegel balls to strengthen your Kegel muscles and they will stimulate you from the inside out. Lastly, I will heighten your senses with a delicate feather plume, devious black rope to hold you in place and calculating crops. I will set you free.

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Sold Out Apprentice Anal Trainer Set
Sold Out Bordeaux 5 Piece Black Satin Bondage Set
Sold Out Captured Embroidered Wrist Cuffs
Sold Out Captured Embroidered Wrist Cuffs- Black
Sold Out Inamorata Steel Geisha Balls - Small
Sold Out Le Plume Feather Tickler Black
Sold Out Le Savauge Silicone Ball Gag
Sold Out Linger Graduated Silicone Anal Beads
Sold Out Luxoria Masquerade Mask
Sold Out Marquis Velvety Black Benwa Balls
Sold Out Silicone Derriere Plug
Sold Out Sirs Gold Plated 1 in. Kegel Balls
Sold Out Sirs Golden Geisha Balls
Sold Out Sirs Silvered Geisha Balls
Sold Out Sirs Sub Set 3 Piece Bondage Kit