Returns & Exchanges Overview

At Naughty Boy®, we want you to be happy with your purchase, however we do not offer a "change of mind" returns process. Due to health and safety reasons, we cannot restock and resell returned items, therefore we can only accept returns for faulty or broken products.

If you have made a size or selection mistake and the product is brand new and sealed, we will be happy to work with you to find an exchange solution. Simply contact us for assistance.

Our returns policy has been developed in conjuction with ACCC guidelines:

  • We do not accept returns for used products, opened unused products, change of mind, incorrectly ordered products, joke orders, accidental orders or any other reason that is not directly related to faulty or broken product
  • We do not accept returns for problems caused by missuse of the product
  • We do not accept returns for products that are found to be deliberately damaged or broken
  • Chargebacks or payment reversals will result in debt collection & legal action

If you find you product to be defective or broken, please visit the Resolution Centre to begin the returns process. We will complete a trouble shooting guide with you as a first step, however rest assured if your product is in fact faulty, you are entitled to an exchange or credit. Return postage expenses willl not be reimbursed.

Faulty Returns Process

  • Customer visits Resolution Centre to report product problem

  • NBA staff review the request. Sometimes we will ask for more information

  • When approved, NBA staff will open an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorisation) and issue an RMA Number

  • NBA Staff will issue an email detailing how to return your item correctly

  • Customer posts item back to NBA & provides proof of postage / tracking number

  • NBA sends a replacement item or issues store credit / refund to the value of the item

  • Postage and handling fees will not be reimbursed

  • Return postage expenses will not be reimbursed

  • Replacement product will be sent for free if the returned product is found faulty

If a replacement is not desired, Naughty Boy is also able to arrange offer store credit so you can choose an item more to your liking from our huge range!

Customers must notify us within 90 days from date of arrival of their product to be eligible for an exchange or credit.

When returning your product, please make sure you provide the following details:

  • Your full name

  • Your order number (NB5610xxxx)

  • Your RMA Number (RMAxxx issued by us in the resolution centre)

Once our staff receive the faulty product back and confirm it is indeed faulty, we can take the requested next step that our customer has provided. If you have selected that you wish to receive a replacement product, it will be sent out to you, at no extra charge, within 5 working days from the date we receive the faulty product.

Before Returning Your Products

In often cases, many returned products actually work fine when tested, but the batteries have not been inserted correctly. Before returning a faulty sex toy or product, we do please ask that our customers follow a few simple testing points as follows:

  • Make sure you are using the correct batteries

  • Make sure the batteries have been inserted correctly

  • Ensure the battery compartment has been screwed on tightly and appropriately

  • Try new batteries

  • Make sure battery connectors are not wet or have moisture on them

If you have a returns policy enquiry do not hesitate to contact us