Win a $50 voucher just for telling us what you think!

Here at Naughty Boy, we think the best advocates for our products are our loyal customers! That's why we are offering up a $50 Voucher every week for our lucky customers!

To be in the running for the $50 winner's weekly voucher, simply follow these steps:

1. Log in to your account

2. Visit the product page of any product you have purchased

3. Click Review (bottom of the page)

4. Tell us what you think!!!

That's it! Then sit back and relax! We announce winners every Monday and will post the Name / Alias of each winner here (don't worry! We always protect your privacy, fully names will NEVER be shared)

Note: To enter the weekly draw you have to be a registered customer of Naughty Boy Australia & logged in to your user account. This is simply so we can identify where to link the $50 voucher to!