Date Posted: 5 December 2016 

Buy the SKWERT anal douche online in Australia

The ultimate douche travel kit is finally here!

Here at Naughty Boy, we often get questions about “douche adaptors”, with many men frustrated that a universal solution isn’t easily available that lets them connect their douche head to other items they already own (the shower hose, garden hose, or even a water bottle!)

Sure, there are many douche kits available (and we love them all!) but never before has a product been released that is so universal, so useful.. just so bloody GREAT!

In an exclusive meeting with Boneyard Toys, the Skwert was shown to us for the very first time. Eyes widened.. jaws dropped.. was this the ultimate in Douche simplicity? Finally? The answer.. YES!

Flash forward to December 2016, and our first HUGE shipment of SKWERT has just hit the NBA warehouse!

This amazing kit is now available for instant shipment!

With many people now preparing for their summer travel plans, this is an item you must NOT leave home with out!

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