Date Posted: 20 March 2017 

Pump your penis at Naughty Boy!

Get Massive Results Tonight!

Here at Naughty Boy, we get a lot (A LOT) of questions about how to make love wands bigger. We totally understand.. everyone wants to be packin’.

Just like working out at the gym, adding inches to your pleasure pole is a gradual process that takes time. Sure, there are fads & gimmicks to consider, however if you want true long lasting results, there is no other choice but a traditional penis pump.

Many people dismiss pumps as a novelty product only, however when done properly, the correct use of a quality penis pump will see your length and thickness develop to a very noticeable and extremely satisfying level!

As an added bonus, yes.. pumping your penis will give you instant results! You will notice gains after your first session and will be impressed with your growth, however like anything in life for it to last.. you must work at it!
Most pumps recommend daily training of around 10 minutes per session to achieve long term results.

Naughty Boy stocks the complete range of popular penis pumps split into two types – air based & water based pumps (with some other variations of “air” also listed)

While air pumps are the more traditional approach, many men are turning to water based pumps (such as BATHMATE) for their gains.

As an excellent overview of the types of results that can be expected when using a water pump, be sure to check out this water pump results overview.

As a cheaper alternative to a quality Bathmate pump, the best type of Air Pumps usually contain a pistol grip (this helps control the air pressure at a more precise level).

While it may be tempting to PUMP IT HARD and see how fast you can grow, the key here is to take it easy, over pumping or trying to go to fast will result in pain and even damage to the sensitive tissue in the penis, so we urge you to take it easy!

Pumping your penis is a commitment & should be treated like any work out plan, however the results will be truly worth it!


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