Date Posted: 17 November 2016 

Discover why a good Bodywand is a crazy male sex toy!

"Wand" massagers have been targeted toward the ladies for a very long time, supposedly being able to deliver insane orgasms and crazy fun times so it’s no wonder that toys like the BodyWand have slowly been making their way into the toy boxes and hearts, of men worldwide.


The BodyWand Rechargeable Massager isn’t your typical “boy toy”. It’s designed to deliver intense vibrations to the clitoris but that doesn’t mean the body quaking pulsations won’t shake you to your core once you’ve cranked the dial and brushed this bad boy against your dick.


Engineered for strong and continuous stimulation, the BodyWand delivers pulsating vibrations that rumble through the body. With its simple as hell, one finger control, users can cycle through 8 insane patterns. The BodyWand is great because you can use it to apply direct sensations to sensitive areas of the penis like the frenulum and foreskin – if you have one.

The tip of the penis is super sensitive on its own but those who are uncut are sure to experience max pleasure. And if you’re up to it, slap on some water-based lube and apply the buzzing head straight to the perineum (the part between your balls and your butthole). The pulsating vibes will bring you to your knees once you feel every inch of your lower body shaking with excitement.


For extra fun, slap on the Original Stroker Attachment and your best mate has just found his new best mate. Tight ribbed goodness on one end and raised bumpy nodules on the other make for the coziest masturbation sleeve-type device you can treat yourself to. Just make sure you use a high quality water-based lube.


Be sure to pick up the BodyWand Rechargeable Massager and Original Stroker Attachment for one of the best experiences money can buy. And hey, if your girl already has one, why haven’t you asked to use it yet?


This guide was contributed by Xander from Gay In The Middle – a blog designed to help gay men overcome their doubts and fears of sex toys and to embrace what gets them off.


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