Date Posted: 24 August 2017 

Buy Genuine TENGA Male Sex Toys Online in Australia

For Serious Strokers. The Tenga Black Pack.

The TENGA Black Pack is the ultimate pleasure kit for serious strokers. Give your penis unrivalled pleasure by sliding inside the ultra-premium TENGA Flip Hole BLACK edition!

The inner texture can be altered by pressing of of the 3 buttons on the unit – ensuring maximum stimulation right when you need it the most!

The TENGA Hole Lotion (black edition) has been designed to enhance the natural characteristics of the Flip Hole providing extra slide for your love wand!

To finish off the experience, add a dose of realism with the TENGA hole warmer! This product is designed to heat the inside of the Flip Hole.. adding some realism to the entire stroking experience!

You’ll be sure to love the TENGA black pack!

This Kit Contains:

1 x Tenga Flip Hole Black

1 x Tenga Hole Lotion Black

1 x Tenga Hole Warmer


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