Date Posted: 6 May 2016 

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The TENGA Air-Tech Black Pack Is Here!

Naughty Boy Australia is so very proud to introduce the TENGA Black Pack, as an amazing exclusive offering to our wonderful customers!
Your world will be shattered and your manhood enthralled as you slide deep inside the amazing Tenga Air-Tech Black male stroker!

As with any earthshattering orgasm, preparation is key! The key to the TENGA Black Pack’s amazing powers of pleasure is held in the amazing HOLE WARMER

As its name suggests, this wonderful little device actually warms up the pleasure hole, to prepare it for your dramatic entry.
Once heated, apply a generous amount of TENGA Black Direct Feel lube. Now your device is ready to take your ample inches.
Slide in slowly to get a feel for the cup, and then start to find your rhythm.  If the pleasure is too much, SLOW DOWN, and think unsexy thoughts.

Gradually increase your pressure & speed until you work yourself to the absolute edge, stop & take a breath.

Repeat this process until you simply can take no more & release the mother of all loads deep inside the TENGA cup.
When fully satisfied, simply wash out the cup (it’s reusable!) for the next instalment of fun time!

Naughty Boy Australia is proud to bring the exclusive TENGA Air-Tech black pack to you, as well as Australia’s biggest collection of Male Sex toys (including strokers!)


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