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Hands Free Strokers are the pinnacle of male pleasure technology! Here at Naughty Boy, we know first hand that a hard days work can really take it out of you, and the last thing you feel like when coming home is the bother of stoking your own pleasure rod. Enter your fully automated hands free stroker! These bad boys will have you on the edge in seconds as they go to work pleasing you. You won’t even have to bother thrusting! So put your feet up, grab a beer and let your tech do the rest!

Autoblow 2+ Blow Job Robot
Autoblow 2+ Mega Pack

Autoblow 2+ Mega Pack

$298.85 was $429.95

Mega-Bator Mouth Auto Masturbator
PDX Elite Vibrating Roto-Sucker
Mega-bator Pussy Auto Masturbator
Bonnie Rotten Masturbator
Mega-bator Ass Auto Masturbator
PDX Elite Blowjob Power Pump
PDX Elite Deluxe Mega-Bator
PDX Elite Vibrating Roto-Teazer
Robo-Bator Ass LED Masturbator
Robo-Bator Mouth LED Masturbator
Robo-Bator Pussy LED Masturbator