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Standard sheer condoms are great, no doubt about it. But if you want to give your partner a little something extra, 4 Seasons 6s Studs and Ribs is a great option.

This six pack of condoms gives you textured condoms that come with the same durability and design as other 4 Seasons offerings, but with the added intensity that only studs and ribs can provide.

Every thrust will tease and delight your partner since the soft textures are designed to please them. It's a great experience and one that's only really possible through the use of one of these condoms.

You don't have to worry about accidents either - 4 Seasons 6s Studs and Ribs are made with the high durability and strength of the best condoms on the market. Plus you'll be able to feel excellent since you'll be wearing an ultra-thin condom. It's the best for you and your lover.

ARTG Listing Number: 144896

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