Date Posted: 25 January 2016 

The first time I ever tried a male sex toy!
To be honest, as a gay man, in life, there is certain expectations bestowed upon you.  Your deep love of Madonna & Lady GaGa, the ability to colour coordinate your best friends entire life (your best friend is always a girl! Duh!) and your god given ability to insert anything and everything up your bum with ease! I used to think I was failing at pretty much all of these things!
Trying an anal sex toy was never something I had even thought about before, mostly because every time a penis like object approached my boy hole, I freaked out and started some strange hyperventilation techniques. But this got me thinking.. “well, at some point, someone may like to have sex with you, and they might want to put their penis in your bum”. So there I was, scared to death, all of 21, and really thinking of myself as the worst gay man in the world!
Then I starting thinking about sex toys. I wondered if, removed from the emotional stress of it all (while someone is watching. or worse. trying to stick things inside you!), if I were to get a small sex toy and just take my time, it may just do the trick.
So, muscling up the courage, I opened up my laptop and began to browse the wonderful world of male sex toys online! I had never seen so many options before in my life! Oh my goodness! Does that really go up there? It was unclear, but one thing was for sure, I wanted to pay with PayPal. (LOL!)
After much browsing on various sites, I settled on what’s called an “anal training kit”. My deep research let me know that this was a series of plugs (small at first), leading up to a larger one in the end! I thought that may be for me, as I was worried that I would get some tiny thing, and then after 10 minutes would be craving a traffic cone!
Well I was only half wrong. My package arrived and I trembled with anticipation. I’d read up on the articles and knew I needed some anal lube, but I also got some desensitising cream as well just in case.
So there I was, naked on my bed, laptop playing some hot man on man porn, and the world’s smallest anal toy in my hand. So why was I worried? 
Well, one thing lead to another, and I found myself squirting (way too much!) desensitising cream to my butt. Applying the lube to the tiny toy evoked all of the nervous feelings that I knew would happen. but I persisted and decided to just “lay” the toy outside the entrance to my pleasure hole.
The porn was heating up, and I found myself using the left over lube on my hand to start stroking my love wand. I must admit, feeling my 8” cut member start to rise to the occasion really started my engine running, and I started to not only settle down, but maybe even feel like getting freaky with that thing laying between my legs.
As I thrusted my wet penis up and down, I couldn’t help but to feel the plug pushing hard and hard against my arse. A feeling that I had started to enjoy. Stopping to position the unit squarely ready for penetration, I keep my rocking motion up, not really thinking about what was happening.
It wasn’t until I stopped pumping my hand that I realised something magical had happened! The plug had become wedged… in my arse! No pain! Only surprise!

With this new found confidence, I moved my hand away from my dripping rod, and to the base of the plug, pushing it in and out of my he-pussy. With every plunge I could feel myself getting more & more relaxed. I couldn’t’ believe I was actually being penetrated by a male sex toy!

Well after that I basically turned into a massive power bottom (LOL Jokes!!).. but seriously I moved through that anal training kit in about an hour! Riding the big one and thinking of my next big upgrade!

After all the nerves, worry & fear, I couldn’t believe how much of a “pain anticlimax” the whole thing turned out to be!
Needless to say, my next purchase was a lovely thick 8” realistic cock, which I’ve now upgraded to (again!) to become a 10” black monster.

Thanks to my male sex toy experience, I finally discovered that it’s not all that bad, in fact. it’s wonderful!

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