Date Posted: 28 October 2015 

Male Sex Toys – Anal Toys Aren’t just for Gay Men!

It is a common misconception that anal sex toys are purely designed for gay men. Of course, I’d be lying if I said that “they are 100% straight men focused”, but more & more, many straight men are also experimenting with the art of anal lovin’ (even if it’s just solo!)
Discovering Anal Pleasure
Have a drink or ten with some of your best mates, and even the 100% “straight” ones will admit they have thought about exploring their love canal, had asked their girlfriend to do it, or (more often than you think), frequently engage in pleasuring themselves in the bum! This is because, inside this tight little spot, is the man’s prostate gland – and stroking this gland from the inside can cause uncontrollable orgasmic pleasure!

Sticking things up your butt totally makes you gay
Not so! Ok, so obviously inserting a penis, attached to a man, can be considered somewhat homosexual, however by simply browsing the many anal sex toys online at Naughty Boy, you can easily see that many hundreds of anal sex toys for men look nothing like a penis! In fact, many beginner’s kits (anal training kits, butt plugs), are designed to simply be “shapes”, with no obvious “penis” design whatsoever. These generic anal sex toys for men should be sure to calm a few nerves.
Alright then. What’s the best way to explore anal play?
Introducing anal play into your relationship (for either sex) usually involves a conversation, an organic discover while already in the bedroom, or simply a lot of booze. However, the best way for a man to discover the pleasured of his own love hole, is to perhaps experiment alone, by using an anal sex toy designed for male stimulation

Will it hurt?
Yes. No. Well it depends. My first attempt at solo anal lovin was a complete disaster, involving an unlubed finder, and of course, a lot of pain! The more educated gentleman should realise that an effective anal lubricant is, mandatory! The cool thing about being alive in this and age, is that, in addition to anal lubes, there is also what’s known as “anal comfort creams” or “desensitisers”. It’s important to ensure the cream you get will not cause numbing. (you should not mask pain. If there is pain, you should know about it. It means.. STOP!)

OK, so I’ve got my lube & my comfort cream. Now do I just push something up there?
God no! What are you doing man!? The art of backdoor exploration is delicate, and must be handled as such. The best way to begin exploding your pleasure passage is to begin masturbating. Being horny & turned on will help you forget all about what you’re about to do! The second piece of advice I could give, is to purchase a small butt plug, as they are designed to fill your he-pussy, but have a tapered base, to stop things getting lost up there (fear not first timer! If things are getting “lost” up there... well, chances are you are not a first timer! Wink. Wink.) I found that laying on the bed (on your back), while wanking your love pole, really gets me in the mood. Positioning your anal sex toy between your legs & teasing your hole is a good first step. While watching some really awesome porn, and massaging your dick, it’s time to start lowering yourself onto the plug. Small motions to start off with are best so you can get used to the feeling, then as you get more & more horny – push harder until it starts to slide inside. Take a moment to examine the feeling, breathe, get back to what you were doing, and don’t even think about it.
Eventually, you won’t even notice that it’s has made its way inside you. This is where the fun begins. As you get more used the feeling, start to slide up and down on it. Discovering the new sensations that your anal toy is giving you.

Sounds intense! So when do I cum!?
Slow down egg head. In this guide, we have discussed the entry of the love toy into your arse. In our next NBA article, we will continue the momentum we’ve built, and maybe even upgrade your anal sex toy to an anal vibrator or dong! 
Until then, keep that inside you for now!

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