Date Posted: 6 September 2014 

Have you ever known that even men have a hot spot? Equivalent to a woman G-spot is prostate gland in men. It is the sacred spot for men which gives them that intense good sexual feeling. The massage of the prostate releases the physical and emotional stress in men. The spot is accessible through the anus since it is located below the bladder near the base of the penis. Its close proximity to rectal wall makes the anus the most direct route to the prostate gland. In preparation for prostate massage, it is wise for the person who is giving the massage to thoroughly clean his/her fingers before hand. Trimmed short clean fingers they should be to avoid tearing the thin membrane on the rectal wall. 

It is also advisable to urinate before the exercise begins. This is to enable the massage receiver to assume the urinating feeling which might be felt later into the exercise. Relax with a warm shower or whatever works for you. The prostate massage giver should sensuously massage the body towards the buttocks and the inner thighs. This should be done using a water-based lubricant or massage oil. The middle and the index finger are best suit for the job. Slowly massage the area underneath his testicles to his anus also known as the perineum. You are meant to stroke, rub or touch while applying different pressures to learn what pleases him. This is the first stage of the prostate massage so you should encourage communication between you the giver and the receiver. 

As the sensations become more enjoyable, use the lubricated latex gloves on your one or two fingers then gradually insert them into his anus. A lubrication will help the fingers to slide in easily. You can try any comfortable position but the most preferred one is the face to face position famous for intimacy. The receiver should be completely naked, assuming a sitting position. The back should be inclined on a firm pillow while the knees should be lifted up. The prostate massage giver should easily access the anus without any obstruction. Once the fingers are comfortably inside, move them in a beckoning motion; towards his front side of the body. Focus on locating a round ball of a tissue. This should be the prostate gland. 

Once you have located it, ask him to guide you on the right pressure, stroking and whatever else that makes him feel good. Some men like it when it is combined with oral sex while some receive stunning orgasms through prostate massage alone. This rectal rub can give you tremendous sexual pleasure without having to stimulate any of the male genitals. The sexual activity may give you a urinating feeling. This is caused by anal stimulation and it is perfectly normal. The anal and prostate stimulation intensifies both ejaculation and orgasms. The fluid accumulated in the prostate gland increase in volume thus causing intense ejaculation and the pleasures that come with it.

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