Fists & Hands are classified as “advanced” sex toys, as their width & length are not for the inexperienced. When sex toy experts feel the need to take playtime to the next level, it may be time to experiment with “fisting”. As the name suggests, fisting involves inserting the entire first inside the receptive participants anus or vagina. With such heavy play in order, be sure to select an appropriate fisting lubricant to experience maximum pleasure with minimal discomfort. So.. If you find yourself no longer satisfied with even the largest of Dildos or Dongs, take a deep breath, and consider a fist.

10'' Fist Anal Tool
10'' Fist Anal Tool
The Rebel 12.5" Fist
Sold Out 10" Closed Fist Tool
Sold Out 11.5" Hand Tool

11.5" Hand Tool

$157 From Kink
Sold Out Belladonnas Bitch Fist
Sold Out Belladonnas Magic Hand
Sold Out Fist Of Fury
Sold Out Knuckles Small Clenched Fist
Sold Out Mister Fister Vibrating Fist Tool
Sold Out Stuffer Hand Fisting Tool
Sold Out The Fist 14" Realistic Tool
Sold Out The Goose 18" Exxtreme Anal Fisting Tool
Sold Out The Goose 18" Exxtreme Anal Fisting Tool
Sold Out The Hand 16" Fisting Tool
Sold Out TitanMen - The Fist + Vac-U-Lock Handle
Sold Out TitanMen The Hand + Vac-U-Lock Handle